Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Things have been crazy here...
Jake is all signed up for classes, paid and ready to go. He also has a campus job- oddly enough, he applied for it before we even talked about him going back to school. He'll be working in the Museum, in the gift shop and as a floor attendant. His first day was today and he's a little overwhelmed right now.
Beth & I are working to get new stuff ready 'cuz we've had a couple of wonderful days at Farmer's Market. It's amazing what a difference good weather has made on our sales! :) We've had lovely weather during the days for the last two weeks and we're glad!
Deborah starts kindergarten next week on Wednesday. I'm nervous and so is she. She's had about a week of extreme highs and lows. Like having a little teenager around! I'll be glad to see her going and having it more peaceful.
Abigail is calmly dealing with all of our emotional turmoil and exhibits absolutely no problems with any of it. She's excited about starting pre-school in the next two weeks and I know that will go well.


Susan Stevenson said...

One of the best perks to working up at the university is free tuition for the employee and family members. I worked in the Provost Office and took photojournalism classes while there - free of charge. Definitely a nice benefit!

Will you be participating in The Stash holiday marketplace in November? I signed up a few days ago. :)

becca said...

Yes, we'll be there! I'm very excited to be part of it all. :)