Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Rebecca’s Silly Survey

I created a silly survey for Jake... Here's my answers.

20 silly Questions & 5 Serious Ones

1. Purple with pink polka dots or yellow with sparkles?
yellow with sparkles (what was I thinking when I wrote this??)

2. shoes or flip-flops?

3. Driving or walking?
driving, fast

4. Swimming or flying?
flying, fast

5. Best daydream (I’m not looking for embarrassing here!) ?
the flying one- where I'm flying over the whole world

6. The most embarrassing movie you’ve ever seen (not to you! to admit that you’ve seen!)?
The Cindy Crawford one from the early 90's, it was so bad I've blocked the title... There were 3 shower scenes! I was dating a guy who really liked her, and wanted to see it. This is the same guy I saw Leprechaun with... He had absolutely HORRIBLE taste in movies- for those of you who know me well and are curious: The guy was Wesley...

7. Tv character you’d like to have as a friend?
Macgyver would be cool to have around but he's always getting in trouble;
Phoebe is my favorite but heavens, she'd probably drive me crazy in real life;
Leo, the angel from Charmed is dang sexy, but he's always right- YUCK!;
For just a plain old good friend I think I'd pick... Ta-da! Wishbone! He's cute, he's cuddly and he knows how to share a good story. Tee-hee!

8. Favorite cartoon?
Dungeons and Dragons- I hate it that they killed this one!

9. What was on your lunch box in elementary school?
I don't remember! I think it was Holly Hobbie? I do remember that it was orange

10. Favorite game?
Guesstures or Charades

11. Do you own anything that’s sparkly?
beads, beads, and more beads! Also, the jewelry I've made for myself... Plus, some of the expensive items Jake's given me. Oh, and a lovely blouse I bought for the FLOT Christmas thing last year

12. The worst bathroom you’ve ever walked into?
This bathroom on a Company trip- it was in East Texas, and we called it 'the toilet to hell' forever after. It was so bad! I really can't begin to explain how bad it was. Hadn't been cleaned, no toilet paper, everything was stained dark brown, the water was slightly brown, and it smelled. Plus, it was like an outhouse- not attached to the gas station, and the walls were peeling and nasty. Everybody had to go pretty bad, and we'd been waiting for a long time... Half of us went, and the other half were like, no way! We drove on maybe half a mile and there was another one! Ha!

13. Your worst restaurant experience?
This one's from when my family was traveling... This waitress was horrid! She took our food away while we were still eating. I was holding my fork and literally had food in my mouth when she took my plate... The food wasn't great, but not too bad. But the service!

14. A silly paint story?
When my BSU went down to the Association's camp to do a clean-up for a couple days. I ended up re-painting the showers/bathroom's with a couple friends. I really like painting, but had NO idea how big those bathrooms were 'til we were only half-way through... We were so silly! At least we didn't paint each other too much. And we had good music.
My worst paint story also involves BSU and a paint hand print on my shirt front and a very embarassed guy...

15. Got a horrible bug story?
Traveling with Company, stopping at a restaurant, praying over our food, having Curry act really weird during the prayer, and refused to eat his food. Then finding out when John went to pay that a cockroach had crawled off Curry's plate. John refused to pay for Curry's meal 'cuz he didn't eat it after the roach crawled off. The manager flipped out and wanted us to pay! Are you kidding???? They're lucky Curry didn't yell 'roach!' and have EVERYONE in the place leaving!! We were all so hungry and tired... I almost wish Curry had told us and we'd all just walked out but this restaurant was one of the only ones still open...

16. A horrible nemesis from school?
this horrible girl in elementary school... Her name was June and she clawed my hand when I was drawing on the board during a rainy day recess.

17. A best friend from school?
Jane from England, she moved away halfway through one year, but came back!!

18. A best birthday memory?
My birthday in Germany with Company

19. A favorite tea?
Either peppermint tea or nighty-night tea from Organics

20. A favorite/can’t-live-without-it personal care product?
My Aquaphor! An ointment/lotion. I use it on my hands and lips during the winter... My hands get so dry in the winter that they bleed..

1. Who would you like to interview?
Mother Theresa- after reading this article on her where they looked at some journals & letters. She hadn't sensed/heard God for the last 2/3rds of her life... I want to know how she continued to be faithful to Him & live out her life of service for Him even when she questioned & doubted Him. Amazing look at a special woman...

2. One thing you wish everybody knew? (yes, yes, it’s that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! but I mean something else…)
That high school isn't forever, if you can make it through okay, life is WAY WAY better after- This comes from all my teaching experience. So many teenagers think that what everybody thinks of them during this horrendous time of life is SO important. But when it's all said and done, high school lasts only four years...

3. If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?
I wish I could eat anything and not gain weight! okay, seriously- I wish my neck would never hurt again...

4. If you were given the opportunity to change one thing in your past what would it be?
That I'd taken piano lessons... So many of the horrible things that have happened to me have made me who I am. Taking piano lessons would even change a bunch of stuff so it's probably a dangerous thing to want to go back and change. I might have stayed in the music department and finished my music degree instead of switching over to a Drama degree...

5. One thing you want to do before you die?
go back to Europe

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