Friday, January 11, 2008


My poor kitty has been very sick.
She started vomiting pretty much everything- even sips of water... The vet wanted to see her immediately.
We took her in, and of course, they chose to do the most expensive tests first- x-rays to check for blockages, and blood work to see if she had something really serious... Finally, when nothing panned out from those tests they went to the basic & cheap urinalysis.
Guess what? She had a urinary tract infection. A pretty serious one, apparently.
I was a little annoyed they didn't do that test first, since it costs more in the range of $50. Of course, the x-ray was about $150, and the the blood work was around $100... Throw the really expensive stuff at us first.
Oh, well. I can certainly understand checking for something that fit better with the vomiting. You don't automatically think UTI with severe vomiting.
So, she's been on antibiotics for a while. Such a patient kitty! She's let me give her the liquid drops so well. Better than my 2 year old!
She's been trailing along behind me like my shadow. And she's been sitting on my lap as often as possible. Much as I'm sad about her being so sick, I've thoroughly enjoyed the cuddling! She's not normally such a sweet lap kitty and it definitely helps make up for all the nast cleaning up after her I had to do last week...


sarahjanesina said...

Well, as the mommy of two geriatic cats that have basically cost us a car or new living room furniture in the past year- I certainly understand. I'm glad it's something treatable- and I hope she is feeling better. Sick kitties are hard.

becca said...

Yes, she is doing much better. Still clingy. She shadows me when I'm at home, hangs out either on my lap or under my chair. But other than that she's doing very well. I was shocked to read the poster at the vet that states she's in the 40ish to 50ish range. She's only 8 years old, but I know that qualifies as approaching middle age in a kitty...