Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Silly Survey

My husband made up this silly survey and sent it to me... So I'm posting my answers...

1. If you could spend 24 hours anywhere, anytime (real or fictional) where might it be?
I'd honestly like to meet Jesus, and walk 1 day as one of his followers, see him heal someone, eat with him, listen to him teach...

2. If you were given $50,000 (USD) to use in any way, tax-free, except for outstanding bills/debt, how might you spend it? (Be specific)
I want my own Dodge Durango (that's the car my mom bought with my dad's life insurance money & I LOVE driving it)

3. Briefly describe one of the most pleasing/rewarding moments of your life.
Too many to choose just one-
The standing ovations we'd get for Jesus Christ Superstar...
Using the piece I'd written and directed for Company and watching the audience watch the piece...
Leading worship with Jake...
My wedding and watching my husband sing the song he wrote for me...
Teaching drama classes when it would work...
Holding Deborah for the first time & seeing how beautiful she was...
Holding Abigail when she was only a week old and listening to her hum...

4. List a favorite/special personal posession.
My camera

5. List the name you wish(ed) your parents named you.
Rebecca- I must be weird. I'm the only person I know who's completely happy with her name

6. Briefly describe the last dream you recall that changed the way you think/behave.
I've had this horrible recurring dream of driving off a bridge and trying to choose which one of my daughters to save before we all drown

7. One or one-hundred? One-hundred.
8. Five or Ten? Ten.
9. Seven or thirteen? Seven.
10. Stripes or solids? Solids, although I'm liking stripes, too.
11. Blue or yellow?Blue, but isn't the sun lovely on a clear blue day?
12. Cool or warm?Cool.

13. A restaurant (anywhere) you really like.
Gambardella's in Fairbanks- excellent Italian food, fantastic chicken parmesian

14. An unusual personal trait, habit, peeve, etc.
I have a very hard time putting a book down even if it's HORRIBLE... I've gotten better, though!

15. A language you'd like to speak fluently other than your native tounge.
Spanish! There are so many people I've wanted to be able to speak more clearly with- tutoring reading in Fort Worth and with a couple of students in Seattle.

16. Something you'd like to accomplish in the next ten years.
financial solvency

17. What won't be on your new year's resolution next year.
No more chocolate

18. What are your top five (5) favorite topics of discussion?
plays, spiritual matters, books, movies, worship

19. What's the first thing you would do as President of the United States of America?
make sure every child in the US had health coverage & a good education-
I'm no Hillary Clinton! Don't get me wrong, but there is no excuse in a country as rich as the U.S. is for children to go without necessary medical care. And our education system's got some big problems...

20. 55 or 65 MPH? 65... only 65?

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sarahjanesina said...

You aren't the only weird one. I like my name too.