Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, my birthday was last Sunday, and it passed rather uneventfully... I'm now 36. Yikes! Old, old, old.

(okay, not really. I don't see calling someone old until they're 70 or 80... Heavens, my dad wasn't 'old' until around 76. The year his older brother died seemed to just crush him. He'd never been 'old' until then. Suddenly, that year he turned old. It was like something in his brain clicked over and said, 'wow, I must be old now." And he seemed to age about 20 years during a 6 month period. Amazing to watch.)

We went as a large family to Chili's and had a grand time there- (there are so few restaurants here that please everyone, plus can handle the rowdy rambunctiousness of my girls.) Went home and had cheese cake and presents all around- My sister gave me a gift card for Barnes & Noble! Yay! While the money is a lovely gift, the card itself guarantees at least 2 solitary hours choosing something in a bookstore! Much as I love my crazy girls, alone time is a precious gift...
And Jake gave me a lovely sapphire necklace. Sweet tender man. And the girls picked out a teddy bear that sings 'when you wish upon a star'...

So, happy birthday to me! Yay!

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