Friday, May 18, 2007


My last post was on April 28th!

Yes, I've been very busy, but I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this... I'm not really apologizing to anyone reading it, more to myself. I really wanted to maintain three posts a week. I guess I'll have to stick in some extra posts in the next couple weeks to make up for my lapse.

We did the first Friday show on May 5th and it went quite well. Beth and I each made just over $100, which is great 'cuz we didn't have to pay for the space or advertising. We also really got along well with the owner of Willow Creek Clothing and are expecting to get to do some other stuff with her- probably the Midnight Sun fair, a big local event downtown on the summer solstice. We'll see how it goes. We'll definitely be doing some other shows at her place. We like her and I think she liked us. Three cheers for JoAnne! Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! Thank you! you are cool!

Abigail's had some yucky virus stuff which involved vomiting, diarrhea, temperatures over 100, coughing, crying and wanting to be held 24/7. My poor baby! She was REALLY sick for about a week, and has had a nasty cold since the virus... The most frightening part of this illness was her refusal to drink anything. Babies generally recover shockingly well from viruses if you can keep them hydrated- if not, they're gonna end up in the hospital. Abigail wouldn't drink juice, water, pedialyte, flat 7up... Anything! We finally crushed up a popsicle and put it in pedialyte and she was persuaded to drink that... Thank you, God.

One of the worst weeks of my mommy hood was spent with Deborah as an 18 month old on an IV in the hospital... The cribs for the little ones look like small monkey cages! They've got bars all around them- sides and tops. She got so dehydrated from the rhodavirus (a real virus that strikes little ones and is NASTY, NASTY, NASTY) that they spent about half an hour trying to get her IV started- I think they did 4 different pokes- and that was with a GOOD phlebotomist. It's so hard to get the little ones- they wiggle and have itty bitty parts... Deborah was so sick she didn't wiggle, she just cried and laid there.

Anyway! Moving on...

Beth and I have been busily working like little bees to fill the order placed by the AK Rag Company- a local shop which will be carrying our jewelry this summer at both of their locations- downtown and in Pioneer Park. I just don't get very much time to work on my stuff except after the girls are in bed, which was the time I was blogging... So the order took precedence over the blogging... Filling the order even took place with keeping up with my email and our jewelry blog photos... (I had over 100 emails when I finally starting paring it down yesterday!) Which means we've both sold some stuff without pictures taken- probably shouldn't be a big deal, but I like being able to look back at the pictures and get inspiration from them... I can work off of something I've done before and do it completely differently.

For example, the very weird fire choker I did? Well, I've gone on to make a water one and am in the process of completing an air one. And I've got to say the water one is beautiful- one of my favorite pieces ever. It's all turquoises and pearly colors with tiny sea shells and little freshwater pearls. It looks like something a mermaid would wear... On the flip side: The air one is one of my least favorite projects. It's just not coming together... I'm trying to capture air moving. How on earth do I do that in something as static and still as beads? I've got some rippling movement going on, but it's just NOT what I pictured in my head. Oh, well. I've set it aside for a while and will come back to it when I'm done with the other stuff...

Anyway, I'm back! I will be posting more regularly, in fact, I hope to get caught up with my promise to myself. Sadly, during the posting break I celebrated my one year blog-iversary. On April 29, 2007 I completed one full year of blogging! YAY for me!

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