Saturday, December 07, 2013

Saturday Smiles

I found my camera today!!!
It was in the drama bag I took to camp this summer.  Pretty ridiculous!  I can't believe I didn't find it until now.
So, I took some really quick photos of the work I've been doing this semester.
All our final projects are due in a week and a half, and I'm NOT ready for the semester to be over!

These Leaf Pendants are my favorite pieces from this semester.
First I pressed some leaves into the copper to create an impression of the veins.  
Then I cut out the leaves and fold-formed them to give them the texture and curve of a leaf.
Finally, I attached a wire stem.

I had some fun creating copper bangle bracelets.  
I cut the wire, soldered it together, then hammered them all over.
They are fun to wear!  
I'm not sure yet whether I'll leave them as they are or wrap them with fabric, bead, chain or wire.
Probably I'll mix it up and do a bit of all of those.

These are some Word Pendants I created. 
 The top left one is a leaf impression like the Leaf Pendants, except I didn't cut it out.
The other three are fold formed pieces that I soldered onto nickel, 
and then attached onto a leather backing.

I desperately wanted to try my hand at enameling this semester and finally
got the got the courage to try last month.
These are some pendants I made, and I am in the process of creating necklaces from them.
My favorite one is in the top right hand corner.
It's this fabulous mix of blue and lavender, with sparkles of turquoise.
I struggled with the bottom two so much, and they both look horrible in this photo.
The bottom left one doesn't show it's amazing black and green color well in this photo.
Beth calls it my "Galaxy Piece", because it looks like deep space.
And the bottom right one is this amazing dimensional red, 
but I had to re-enamel and re-enamel and re-enamel for it to look good.

Here is one of my wave pendants.  I made three of them- One is at school in the student art show.

Here is another of my wave pendants. I'm not finished with this necklace yet.
One of the things I really like about this piece is that I made the clasp myself.  

Not the most elegant of clasps, but I am pleased with myself.
I want to make more!

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