Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Smiles

On Saturday, I post about a couple of things that have made me smile over the last week.

1) Necklace Remakes
This week I took apart 5 wire necklaces that I've had forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but at least 2 summers, and possibly more.  I am keeping the main ideas for each piece and then re-working the main structure.  Here's an example of a re-worked piece in progress:
This piece used to be a complete circle of gold wire, with a clasp at the back of the neck.  It had five flowers made from the vintage brass beads and 15 gold e-beads wrapped around them.  I unwrapped the back half of the necklace to create a pendant.  I'll hang this smaller piece from chain, instead of having wire go all the way around. 
I've added wire loops, green butterflies, and some sparkly beads.  The pendant is now much stronger than the original piece as I have worked with the wire, wrapped and wrapped additional wire around the original two twisted wires.  I haven't quite finished the piece yet, but this photo was taken about half-way through the remaking process.
I find it to be a fun and challenging process to remake these necklaces.  It's not the same as totally creating a brand new piece, and I like finding new ways to inspire the creative juices to flow.

2) My feet are finally feeling better!
I'm still stuck in the stupid boot, but my left foot is not hurting as much.  My right ankle (the sprained one) is feeling better, although it is still quite impressively purple and green.

3) The Olympics!

I love watching the Olympics- seeing the contests, hearing the stories, and coming to care for the competitors.  I want them all to win...  They've all worked so hard, and fought against so many odds.  I was way more involved this year. I don't know why.  Better interviews?  More sleep?  My girls are old enough to be interested?  Probably all of the above.

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