Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall leaves

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The leaves were so lovely on Saturday, that I took time from from speaking to customers at Farmer's Market to take some photos. Very fun.
I love our patchwork hills right now. We get patches of different colored leaves, with different trees and evergreens. The hills are far enough from the center of town to be kind of foggy, but they are still pretty.

I enjoy fall so much, but still feel the pressure of imminent winter... Winter here in central Alaska is so cold and dark. I can feel the autumnal Equinox coming- as the days get darker and chillier, I start feeling more and more trepidatious & pessimistic. The clinging darkness of January & February make me want to gather as much sun as I can during this time.

The piles of fallen leaves remind me of the soon and coming drifts of snow, the icy roads, and the shrinking hours of sun-light.

Ah, well. I need to enjoy the days I am experiencing right now rather than fret myself into worrying over what isn't even here yet.

This is the parking at the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market on Saturday. We were so busy! Our last weekend of the season, and many people grabbed this chance to pick up veggies, berries, and early Christmas presents. Beth & I didn't sell as much as we wanted, but we had many customers confirming our bazaar season dates. So far, we're only signed up for four Christmas bazaars, but we could pick up a few more on the way. We have one in late October, two in November, and one in early December. I'll post about them as we get closer to those dates.

Enjoy the fading leaves of fall where-ever you are!

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