Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday is My FUN Day! - Spiral in Bluestone

One of my favorite metal-smithing projects. I created the pendant and the spiral links, and then I beaded the whole thing up. I LOVE being able to create the whole thing, from start to finish.
I love the sparkle of bluestone- it's a man-made stone with flecks of copper melted into glass. Very pretty, and very strong.

The first step was to create the pendant-

I twisted the spiral with silver wire, then hammered away at it til I got the look I wanted.

Then I created the bezel cup for the cab and soldered it to the center of the spiral.

After I finished the pendant, I wanted the necklace itself to match the spiral look of the pendant.
I twisted the silver wire, and then I hammered them. (I LOVE hammering, It's fun to just wail away at metal...)
After they looked the way I wanted them to, I soldered their ends so that I could use them as links.

Then I created the bluestone and glass links.

I love Metal-smithing projects!
I am missing the shop a LOT...

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