Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swim Lessons- Too much girl time

The girls had fun splashing around at swimming lessons today. And now I'm wound tight as a drum... Too much girlie time today!!!

I love 'em, but Lord have mercy, they can drive me CRAZY. The bad thing about swimming lessons is that they want you to stay in the building the entire time your child is in the pool. (Which I agree with in theory, but in practice...)

Abigail's lessons are from 2-2:30, and Deborah's are from 2:45-3:30. Which means that I'm stuck in the building for 1 and a half hours (more like 2 hours 'cuz of changing time and shower time...) And that's a LONG time to be stuck in one place with wiggly girls.

Deborah talked non-stop. The only time she wasn't talking was during her lesson. The thing about her- she doesn't just chat & chat and let you float along. She wants you to pay attention the whole time... And she asks questions to make sure that you are with her.

Abigail literally cannot be still, and for the most part I can deal with that- it's just the way she's put together. But during Deborah's lesson, she wanted to be up in the loft to watch Deborah for about 5 minutes, and then down stairs to eat for about 10, and then back up in the loft for 5, and then back down to eat, etc.

After the lessons we stopped at the store, and got a few items and had a snack. Which brought our total up to about four hours of non-stop chattering, whining, and wiggling.

I am pretty much ready to shred the walls with my finger-nails.
Love those girls of mine. =)

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