Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Eyes of your Soul

I found this at All the Pretty Things:

At a dinner, one of the diners, an Atheist, asked the Christian sitting next to him:
"How do you know your God forgave your sins or that He listens to your prayers, when you can't see anything of that sort?" 
"How do you know your tea has sugar?" asked the Christian
"What do you mean? I taste it!"
"So you know there is sugar in your tea, even if you can't see it. Just the same, I feel God's love in my heart. My sinful soul feels delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Divine Liturgy, Holy Confession, and prayers make my spirit soar and find peace in God. You can't see love with the eyes of your body, but with the eyes of your soul." 

I am reminded of God's love when I look at the painted sky and blooming flowers.  I am reminded of His faithfulness as I watch the sun rise and set.  

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