Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Day- Pearl Leaf Bracelet

I love making my leaf bracelets. I thoroughly enjoy making the leaf components. And even though it can be tedious, I am so pleased with the bead braiding when I am done that the whole creating/stringing process is fun, too.

The first step is selecting the metal for the leaf component- I prefer pulling discarded copper from the bin at school. I love the pieces with character, the ones that have been worked and heated, beat up and abandoned.

After choosing the perfect metal, I heat it and put it through the rolling mill with leaves. Then I cut out the sections I like best, shape them and file them down smooth. To use them in my bracelets, I need to drill holes on either end.

After completing the component, I take them home and string the perfect beads and chain into very short strands. Then I braid them and attach them to the central component.

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