Sunday, January 02, 2011


I had an amazingly cool day yesterday- My five year old, Abigail Joy asked Jesus into her heart.

She's been rather uneasy about the whole God and heaven thing... I think for a while she thought God couldn't fit into her heart, or that if she asked Him in He'd immediately want her to die. I'm not sure what her thoughts were...

However, yesterday after a long conversation with me and her big sister about heaven, Abigail decided that she wanted to go there with us. She definitely didn't want to go right now! But when the day comes that we are all there, she would rather be with us than not.

She doesn't have a solid grasp on what it means to let Jesus be the leader of her life yet, and I already know she's not thrilled with some of the Bible thoughts she's learned ("Love your neighbor as yourself" is one of those thoughts she's not too keen on right now...); However, it's not about understanding it all. (Thank God, or I wouldn't be doing too hot, 'cuz there's still some pretty major stuff I don't get.)

It makes my heart sing as I think of my Daddy, rejoicing in heaven with the angels as they celebrate her name being written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

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