Sunday, December 12, 2010


I feel incapable of keeping up with anything right now!
I kind of started to feel better after my surgery, then I got a cold, which turned into bronchitis.

When I had my "one-month-after-surgery" appointment, they told me that people frequently get bronchitis or pneumonia after surgery because of the difference in breathing.

I have had the weirdest experience with breathing after this surgery- I don't know whether it's because they had a tube down my throat to make sure I could breathe while they moved my esophagus and everything over, or just a result of ANOTHER surgery... But it's like sometimes I forget to breathe. And I'll be sitting there, and then be like "I need some air!" And then I'll breathe again. Weird.

And I've been coughing after swallowing water or soda- like I forgot how to breathe and drink... Worse after soda of any kind. Don't know why, but it's WEIRD.

So, I'm starting to recover from the bronchitis. We'll see how quickly I'm back up to normal.
Ready for some NORMAL!!!!!

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