Friday, November 05, 2010

High Stress

Today has been so horribly awfully stressful!

I went to pick up my travel vouchers for our flight to Anchorage, and found out that Jake wasn't approved to travel with me. Our insurance would not pay for him to come, which we were expecting, 'cuz when we had this trip planned in August they were paying for him...

I discovered that all the changes in health care stuff since then boil down to Jake not getting to come til the end of the week. The insurance has agreed to pay for Jake to come get me and take me home, but not to be there when it happens or during my immediate recovery. Is that weird, or what???

So, we've been trying to figure out how to get him down there with me.
And I've been falling apart.

Yes, I know God will be with me, and that technically I will not be alone.
Yes, I can do all things through Christ;
However, I don't think I can fly to Anchorage and go through with this after expecting Jake to go with me...
So, we've been making last minute phone calls and trying to figure it out.

I swear I've felt like I couldn't breathe today...

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Regina said...

Saying a prayer for you, for a successful surgery, speedy recovery and Jake to be with you through it all.