Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm so tired tonight... I figured out that in the last week I've slept about 20 hours. If you're supposed to get 8 eight hours of sleep a night, I should have gotten about 50... I love my girls, but I need a sleep break! I want to just go away for a couple of days and sleep all day, maybe read a bit... Probably not... I just want some sleep! When did I get so old?!!

Both of my girls are sick and so they've needed to be comforted a lot at night; Plus, my husband has been sick and snoring like he's trying to raise the bodies in the cemetary 6 miles from our house. I don't want to see any dead bodies rising, and stumbling to our house to destroy him for his audacity, his sheer volume. I admit that for the last two mornings I've been that dead body... I've imagined waking up as a vampire or zombie, rising from my slumber and destroying the one who has disturbed me.

Love is an amazing thing, but after three hours of sleep, (which is what I got last night) I think I'm ready to just scream in his ear the next time I hear a snore...


AKLight said...

Actually, she slept on the living room floor last night. What a jerk I am...I never even knew she left!

Ash said...

It is so wonderful to read a little about your life. I too have two girls, Catie 5 years and Ellie 18 months. I often feel the same way! I remember having the same thoughts about OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN, and I too have become one of those Moms. When my back doesn't hurt and I feel I can get on the floor and back up again without my knees cracking, and waking the dead, I manage to pick up at least the big chunks of food that have fallen on the resturant floor! I love you and miss you sister!